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News Headlines

NuAgri qualifies for EBC, 30% tax credit for British Columbians who invest in NuAgri

NuAgri Receives order for First Large Scale Biodome Project

NuAgri Completes Phase II of its Biodome Demonstration Project

NuAgri’s Mission: To design and build the World’s best and most sustainable food growing greenhouse systems for commercial growers, urban farmers, and people who like tastier, healthier food choices. Our technology is designed to increase food production per square foot and use significantly less natural resources in the process. Our complete Biodome growing facility is designed to save you money and grow more food. Wouldn’t it be great if every city could grow their own food?

Sustainable Food System: A food system in which everyone has financial and physical access to culturally appropriate, affordable, nutritious foods that were grown without degrading the natural environment, and in which the general population understands nutrition and the food system in general.

What is NuAgri?

Simply put, NuAgri means new agriculture. The world’s agriculture systems are changing and NuAgri is positioning itself at the forefront. The factors that drive this change are ubiquitous and clear: more efficient energy consumption; unpredictable weather patterns; and sustainable production chains. NuAgri means new agriculture; Nu innovations; Nu technologies; Nu strategies.

NuAgri is Sustainable Agriculture Agri-Tech for Commercial Growers

NuAgri Consulting

NuAgri’s approach in working with clients is holistic and comprehensive, seeing agriculture as a complex combination of systems, where nothing should be left to chance. Our strategy is scientifically supported innovation and technology; and our expert line-up is passionate about the (r)evolution of agriculture. We believe this approach-strategy combination will result in a higher degree of success for our clients.

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