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Biodome: A superior climate-controlled greenhouse environment that provides ideal growing conditions.

NuAgri’s Biodome encompasses membrane architecture and ETFE pneumatic pillows to absorb more natural sunlight and utilize energy more efficiently. Automated systems and a closed environment result in a number of advantages; less outside influences (weather, pests, pollutants); and more inside retention (heat and CO2). These benefits address the concerns about wasted resources and susceptibility to unpredictable exterior conditions. The result is an ideal growing climate. Light weight ETFE and structural stability in pneumatic pillows mean less metal used in the structural skeleton without a loss in structural integrity. This opens up the possibility to new applications like rooftop urban farming or in locations where agriculture did not exist prior because of large snow fall.

The Biodome depicted below is located in Surrey, British Columbia and is expected to be used for a micropropagation hardening facility where cleanliness and climate control are of the highest priority.

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Biodome Architectural Drawing Biodome Greenhouse Construction

Biodome greenhouse completed with ETFE pneumatic pillow covering; includes automated energy efficient inflator

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