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Solid State Light Chips (SSLC): NuAgri’s solid state light chips are the next (r)evolutions of lighting technology. NuAgri’s SSLC is not an LED! There are no diode dichotomy fighting for filament, light is not wasted in 360 degrees, and heat is no the primary function. Think of SSLC’s a printed circuit board with light emitting pixels.

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NuSun Light Fixtures

  1. NuSun AG 45W (180W)
  2. NuSun AG 80W (320W)
  3. NuSun AG 100W (400W)
  4. NuSun AG 150W (600W)
  5. NuSun AG 200W (800W)
  6. NuSun AG 250W (1000W)
  7. NuSun AG 300W (1200W)

Light-Chip vs Other Bulb Types


Agricultural Grow Fixtures

NuAgri Grow Light Fixtures for saving money and saving energy 80W - 200W Energy Effecient Flood Light Technology

NuSun Light Fixtures: The initial NuSun was designed for the agriculture industry because of the ability to program the SSLC (solid state light chip) to a specific spectrum; providing an ideal spectrum for photosynthesis.

Benefits and Considerations: As with all lighting technology to date, the goal is energy efficiency and longevity without a loss in production (of lumens). The benefits of NuSun Light are numerous resulting in better performance and better value for your dollar.

For starters, NuSun Light fixtures produce 100-110 lumens per watt and have a lifespan of 80,000 hours. While some HID’s boast as much as 140-150 lumens per watt and lifespans of 10-25,000 hours, this is an initial lumen output. HID’s like Metal Halides and High Pressure Sodium have a lamp lumen depreciation between 0.6 and 0.8 and this translates into a significant loss in lumens within the first year or two; and one should consider the cost associated with maintaining and constantly replacing such a system. NuSun Light fixtures have an initial output of 110 lumens and depreciate about 1% per year; and after 80,000 hours (15-20 years depending on usage) will still have an output of 88-94 lumens per watt. For those concerned about the environmental impact (beyond the energy efficiencies) NuSun Light fixtures contain minute amounts of carcinogenic materials and considered environmentally friendly. While it’s been known for some time that a range of light systems contain hazardous materials, some studies are finding that even LED’s contain an excess of carcinogens. There is no environmentally fee associated with buying, nor disposing of, NuSun fixtures.

NuSun Light fixtures operate at approximately 120 degrees Fahrenheit, inverting the old adage that lights are merely bright heaters. This is in stark contrast to HID’s (550) and even LED’s (150+) where more heat is produced than light. Excess heat can result in a multitude of issues. At a temperature of 550 degrees, fixtures must be placed far enough so as not to come in contact with anyone or anything. Given the inverse square law of light, does this not seem counterproductive? The power required to produce light and such intense heat requires a lot more power than is otherwise necessary. A cooler light system offers the option to place the fixture closer (and thus require less output or energy at the source) or maintain the distance but produce less overall heat (a reduction in cooling costs) or both. In any case, NuSun Light fixture’s primary objective is producing light, not heat; and the result is less power consumption.

All these benefits and no mention of spectrum specificity. Indeed, NuSun Light fixtures can be programmed to specific spectrum. For the agriculture / horticulture industry, ideal photosynthesis requires predominately 660nm red and 440nm blue at a 4-to-1 ratio. Depending on the stage of growth and the species of plant, some growers may want to include 600nm (orange). Traditionally all NuSun light fixtures come with a red and blue spectrum as indicated above. For custom spectral combinations inquire at Our lighting experts are happy to provide the best possible solutions.

NuSun Light technology is at the forefront of lighting technology. The benefits discussed offer a number of reasons to include them in all your projects. Continue lighting your world, but start saving energy.

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