NuAgri Inc. Completes Phase II of its Biodome Construction Project

(Surrey, BC, Canada) – May 17, 2012.

Chris Gielnik, President of NuAgri Inc. (“NuAgri”), today announced the completion of Phase II of the company’s 30 by 10 meter BioDome project at its farm site in Surrey, British Columbia. The BioDome’s ETFE pneumatic pillows have now been installed on the aluminum structure and have successfully been inflated with the specialized dehumidification fan system.

The BioDome’s hi-tech ETFE pillows provides a superior climate-controlled greenhouse environment that will provide ideal growing conditions. The ETFE pneumatic pillows will allow the transmission of more natural sunlight and utilize energy more efficiently than either glass or polyethylene used in traditional greenhouse structures. In addition, the ETFE pneumatic pillows will provide better insulation and loading capabilities (snow, wind, rain; and even human traffic).

NuAgri is currently raising capital to progress to Phase III of the BioDome construction project, which includes manufacturing plastic injection molds and components for the NuStax Growing System (vertical growing cabinets and columns), and installing the automated control systems (nutrient, air management, and supplemental lighting systems).

During Phase IV, NuAgri will operationalize a polyculture aimed at providing a diverse selection of fruit, herbs, and vegetable varieties.

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