NuAgri Press Releases

At NuAgri we want to present a corporate transparency that allows our clients and prospective interest groups to feel comfortable working with us. This section allows you to read the official press releases as it comes from the management team at NuAgri. In doing so we hope to keep you informed on the latest technological advancements, project updates, and business developments.

BC Investors In Nuagri, Inc. Eligible To Receive A Refundable Tax Credit Equal To 30% Of Their Investment Amount

(VANCOUVER, BC, Canada) – July 20, 2012. Chris Gielnik, President of NuAgri, Inc., today announced he has been advised by the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation of British Columbia that NuAgri Inc. meets the necessary criteria to qualify as an Eligible Business Corporation (“EBC”) under the Small Business Venture Capital Act. The EBC program [...]
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NuAgri Receives Order for the Construction of First Large Scale Biodome

(Surrey, BC, Canada) – June 29, 2012. Chris Gielnik, CEO & President of NuAgri Inc. (“NuAgri”), today announced the signing of a CDN$1,5 million order for a two-level Biodome to be located on a property in Surrey, BC. This is the first sale of a Biodome by NuAgri, whose corporate headquarters are in Vancouver, British [...]
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NuAgri Inc. Completes Phase II of its Biodome Construction Project

(Surrey, BC, Canada) – May 17, 2012. Chris Gielnik, President of NuAgri Inc. (“NuAgri”), today announced the completion of Phase II of the company’s 30 by 10 meter BioDome project at its farm site in Surrey, British Columbia. The BioDome’s ETFE pneumatic pillows have now been installed on the aluminum structure and have successfully been [...]
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