NuAgri Receives Order for the Construction of First Large Scale Biodome

(Surrey, BC, Canada) – June 29, 2012.

Chris Gielnik, CEO & President of NuAgri Inc. (“NuAgri”), today announced the signing of a CDN$1,5 million order for a two-level Biodome to be located on a property in Surrey, BC. This is the first sale of a Biodome by NuAgri, whose corporate headquarters are in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  The order is part of an urban agricultural initiative that intends to create employment for the local community and supply more localized source of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The order is subject to the securing land upon which to build the BioDome, building and GVRD waste treatment permits, financing, and environmental and public reviews.

Construction of the BioDome is anticipated to begin in early 2013, at which time NuAgri will disclose the name of the client.

NuAgri is currently raising capital to progress to Phase III of its Biodome  (The Microdome) demonstration project, also located in Surrey, British Columbia. Phase III will involve manufacturing plastic injection molds and components for the NuStax Growing System (vertical growing cabinets and columns), and installing the automated climate control, nutrient, air management, and supplemental lighting systems. Phase IV will operationalize a polyculture aimed at providing a diverse selection of fruit, herbs, and vegetable varieties.

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